Where is it?

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Where is it?

How well do you know Tyrol?

Where is it? on Google Play

No matter if you live in Tyrol or if you think you just know it, this geography game is absolutely right for you!

In this game you can test your knowledge about the geography of Tyrol and compete with others. You get to know new locations and you see great pictures of Tyrol. Play the game alone and try to beat your record or switch with another player and see who knows Tyrol better.

The game is as simple as that: A Point from different categories is given and by tapping on the map you define your solution. One more click is enough to show the right solution and the distance to it.

The following categories are used:
* Addresses
* Castles
* Natural Monuments
* ZIP Codes
* Skiing Regions
* Pictures

The first three categories come from the open government data of Tyrol (OGD). You can find more about this topic at https://data.tirol.gv.at/. All Pictures come from the image database of Tyrol Advertising.